Pipe Lining


Traditional Lining

Repair and Rehabilitation

For repair and rehabilitation of damaged pipework without the excavation and disruption.

CIPP Lining: “Cured in Place Pipe”.

Ambient cure, Hot cure inversion liners using epoxy and polyester liners. 100mmØ to 300mmØ – 1m to 150m lengths

Patch Lining to repair short localised damage to pipework 100mmØ to 300mmØ 1m to 5m length.

Lateral and Robotic Cutting

Re-establishing Flow

LGW provide and support lining lateral cutting to re-open lateral connections. The hydraulic cutter is also used for removing intruding connections and obstructions in pipework from 100mmØ to 300mmØ.


Liquid based infilitration prevention

TuboGel is a sustainable trenchless groundwater infiltration rehabilitation application suitable for wastewater pipes of any size.

A proven application in Germany but new to the UK, it is designed to prevent water infiltration by flushing two liquid components through a pipe that penetrates cracks to form a solid silicate-based seal on the pipe exterior.

Our TuboGel installation team supported Cappagh Browne during Southern Waters’s first UK trial of this application.

Our experience means we can offer clients a full installation service for this innovative non-intrusive infiltration prevention application.