1. Policy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. LG Wood Limited (known as LGW) take the privacy of our clients seriously.

This privacy policy explains what personal data we collect from you, through our interactions with you and how we use that data.

2. How we receive data and how we may use it

LGW receive/store your personal or company data when you request services from our company.

This statement explains how we process personal and company data received in our organisation. When you engage in the services of LGW you MUST consent to us collecting and storing your personal or company information. LGW will not be able to assist you without you consenting to us storing your data. This may include but is not restricted to your name; contact details; address and any other technical information related to any works.

During telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings, we may collect personal or company information in order to provide you with our services. LGW will never share personal or company information with a third party without your explicit consent.

3. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded on your hard drive when a user accesses a website. It allows the website to recognise that individual’s device and store some information about the individual’s preferences or past actions.

In order to comply with GDPR, LGW must:

  • tell you the cookies are there;
  • explain what the cookies are doing and why; and
  • get your consent to store a cookie on your device.

How LGW uses cookies

Cookies are used in order to make our website work more efficiently and to provide us with information when you contact us. LGW do not use advertising cookies.

4. Our Promise to Our Clients

We will never share our client’s personal or company details with a third party without the client’s explicit consent.

5. Request to access personal or company data

Under the GDPR you have the right to ask for access to your personal or company information. Once LGW have verified your identity we will provide the information you requested within 30 days.

In the unlikely event you find personal or company data stored about you by LGW is inaccurate, you must advise us immediately. We will amend your details within two weeks.

6. Request to have data removed or deleted

Upon receipt of a request to delete personal or company data, LGW will ensure that your data is deleted within 30 days.

In the event that you wish to be erased from our database you should contact  Please make it clear that you wish to be erased.

7. Notification of Breaches

Whilst LGW do not store, or at any time request, financial information from clients, we do store personal information about them and their companies. All of our systems are protected and only LGW staff and consultants working for LGW have access to the information stored.

In the unlikely event that our computer systems are compromised and there is a potential loss of confidentiality, we will report this breach to you.

In the unlikely event that personal data is taken or exposed from the records of LGW without our consent, we will provide reports surrounding that exposure within 72 hours of being notified of such an event and take any action necessary to restore the security of your personal or company data.

8. Access

If LGW receive a request for access to personal or company information we will verify your identity before releasing your data to you. We will not release information to any third party. If you would like to make a request for access to your personal information please contact:

Alternatively, you can contact us by writing to us at:

LG Wood Limited
Rotherbrook Court
Unit 10 Bedford Road
GU32 3QG

9. Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about the way your data is stored or handled by LGW, please contact us at:

Alternatively, you can contact us by writing to us at:

LG Wood Limited
Rotherbrook Court
Unit 10 Bedford Road
GU32 3QG

10. Escalated Complaints

If you remain unhappy with the handling of your data you can complain to the ICO:

ICO – Make a Complaint

11. Changes to our privacy policy

LGW may change this privacy policy at any time. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be updated on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at