Sewer Repair and


Civils Support

First response to drainage

LGW civils support covers the first response to drainage-related emergencies, and reactive repairs to damaged drainage assets.

The civils teams are fully qualified for machine, shoring and excavation works.  We provide enabling works for lining teams (manhole biscuit, cover and frame removal/reinstatement) Civils installation and support for pump station and micro pump stations.

Joint Test and Seal

Rehabilitation to pipework

Provides rehabilitation to pipework suffering infiltration or exfiltration.

Ground water infiltration or exfiltration into ground strata, aquifers, water courses. Packers are positioned over each pipework joint. The testing unit pressure tests the joint structure. If the seal fails then the joint/void is filled with two part acrylic gel and re-tested until the joint passes QA.

Chamber Sealing

Manhole Chambers

Provides rehabilitationto manhole chambers, wet well, concrete structures associated with drainage asset suffering infiltration or exfiltration.

Non return packers are drilled at predetermined centres and two part crylic gel is injected to create a barrier. The acrylic gel acts a aberrier to aid ground/strata stabilisation. The chamber structure is then sprayed with monimix HD using ‘Permacast Method’ adding an additional water barrier and increasing the surface strength to 40 npm² (normal C4 concrete 20 npm² – cured).

CCTV survey and ba support

Fleet support team

We have a fleet of CCTV support teams capable of surveying damaged and blocked pipework any size.  The teams are fully confined space trained.  Our operatives are all WITA 4 certified reporting to European level industry standards – WinCan ready.  Our rigs carry “pan and tilt’ crawler units able to survey any confined space.

  • Colourprobe3001 pipeline inspection system
  • Series 6 pushrod system